WooCommerce Real-Time Sales Ticker

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Track your WooCommerce sales in real-time with the Real-Time Sales Ticker plugin. The plugin generates a ticker-style daily order & revenue report right in your WordPress admin bar.

Real-Time Sales Ticker eliminates the need to continuously run or refresh reports to get at your current sales for the day. Get inspired (or inspire your employees) by seeing those sales numbers climb in real-time!

Compatibility Check

Tested with WooCommerce 3.6.3
Tested with WordPress 5.2


  • View the daily sales ticker without logging in!
  • You can now select one or multiple IP addresses designated to show the sales ticker at the top of your WooCommerce site front-end – without logging in.
  • This is great for organizations where sales visibility is important, but not everyone needs access to the WordPress site.


WooCommerce Front End Sales
Real-Time Sales Ticker on your website front-end (limited to IP Addresses you specify)!
woocommerce real-time revenue
Sales ticker on the admin side of your WooCommerce site.
Sales ticker settings. Choose how often your sales ticker will update.