Content Management

Our web content management tool makes it easy for non-technical users to add and update content on their website. No software is necessary, your website is the user interface! Simply log in to your website, then edit web pages in a Microsoft® Word-like interface. Add and update pages, images, files, links, maps, and more.


  • Sections/Folders
  • Pages
  • Images
  • Files
  • Links
  • News Items
  • Events
  • Photo Galleries
  • Blog / Blog Entries
  • Interactive Maps & Locations

Graphical Content Editor

  • Microsoft® Word-like interface
  • Bold, Italicize, Underline, Strikethrough
  • Font Size, Color, Style
  • Superscript, Subscript
  • Bulleted and Number Lists
  • Indents
  • Left Justify, Right Justify, Center, Block Justify
  • Add Links, Images, Tables
  • Choose from predefined page layouts

Users and Groups Administration

  • Give your staff access to use the content management tool
  • You decide who can access certain areas of your website
  • The option for the website manager to review all changes before they are made

Search Engine Optimization

  • Each page you create is automatically optimized for search engines
  • The page title and meta tags such as keywords and description are automatically created
  • Valid and well formed HTML and CSS
  • All images are provided with relevant ALT attributes to describe their content to search engines
  • Search engine friendly URLs, no query string parameters are used to identify pages
  • Proper use of heading tags such as H1, H2, etc
  • Automatic sitemap generation as well as standards-compliant sitemap.xml file